Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Will Not Be Broken

I will be the first to admit that I am not a book reviewer or even a professional blogger for that matter. Recently a book was brought to my attention that I felt compelled to let everyone know about. The book is titled "I Will Not Be Broken" and the author is Jerry White.

It's funny how life works sometime, the person that told me about this book thought I would be interested because I work with Relay for Life in Second Life. I work with Relay for Life because on June 21, 1996 I lost my mother to cancer and it makes me feel as if I am honouring her life by hopefully helping raise money to find cures for cancer, so that someone else will be saved the pain and fear she went through and the pain and fear I have continued to go through by losing her.

I Will Not Be Broken is not a book about cancer survivors specifically, it is a book about survivors period. Survivors of any crisis that enters their life and how to live with it and overcome it. There was a line in Jerry's book that although very simple, really struck me

"They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s not quite that simple. I believe you have to decide it will make you stronger."

We have heard that Jerry may be coming into Second Life to answer questions about his book, we certainly hope he will be visiting us at Liquid Heat, join our group Liquid Heat to get notified about any of our events.

You can download the Introduction and first chapter of Jerry's book here

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Liquid Heat is now the official resllers for Alun Bestor

Slade and I are excited to let everyone know that this talented graphic artist will be entering Second Life very shortly.
Liquid Heat will be working as his exclusive authorized representatives in world.
We will keep you posted about the launch date.

Take a look at some of his creations:

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New vendor goodies from Liquid Heat

(Posted by Slade Christensen)

Good day! Slade here, Erin's worse half and the geeky side of Liquid Heat :)

As this is my first entry to our blog, I want to thank all of the folks who have made Liquid Heat what it is today. Your support, in whatever way you chose to show it, has truly been a blessing in our lives, and we are very much grateful!

On to the good stuff!

Recently Liquid Heat got in cahoots with MetaCard, a company in SL who came up with and now actively, and professionally, promote and manage a credit card for SL. Yep, you heard it, now your credit rating can skyrocket in SL as well :)

We had just released our Liquid Vend vendor, a product that was a take off of our Liquid Rez unit. If you haven't seen it in action, it's quite fun to work with. Simply find one of our builds by pressing left/right and click the rez button. Every one of our builds is in one of these units and you can view them rez right before your eyes, walk around them (or in them), and get a close up look that you won't get when interacting with an 'on the wall' vendor. Then come back to the unit and keep perusing or buy the build you just fell in love with :)

So now, if your'e a bit short on cash, you can just click the MetaCard button and your sparkling new build is in your inventory, and you don't have to pay until later! What's not to like about that?

This Liquid Vend release also gives the merchant who uses it the ability to split their profits from sales among as many people as they like, assign managers who can use the 'management' functions of the unit, and much more!

If you've read this far into the post, I'll share a tiny secret with you. Liquid Heat has some *huge* things coming soon, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Welcome to our first blog

Slade and I finally decided to create a blog for Liquid Heat. I'm going to shoot for posting on here at least once a week, and I'm hoping to get Slade to post when he can too.

We decided to start a blog to let you guys know what's going on with Liquid Heat on a more regular basis. We've been getting so busy that it's sometimes hard to let everyone know what's new or what's been happening.

To bring everyone up to speed, we've almost completed the redesign of the sim. Yes, winter is over and we went with a completely different feel for this sim. We've basically broken it up into 4 different sections that, the pirate village also known as Smuggler's Cove, that funny blue place also known as MoonVale, the enormous castle covering 1/4 of the sim Felguarde Keep and the castle ruins across the bridge. We know how much everyone loved the Halloween build and there were a lot of things to do there, we don't feel we had enough variety of things to do on the winter build, so we made an extra effort to put things into this build that were fun to do and will appeal to all different tastes. When you enter the sim we've put notecards out detailing all of the different things to do, my personal suggestion is if you don't have time for everything take at least the balloon ride and try the bungee jumping, don't worry you won't get hurt...well at least no one has yet.

Some other news is that we have been included in the list of creation artists to have a kiosk on the soon to be opening The Best of SL Boulevard. It opens in two weeks and we are all getting our areas in order on that sim. I have to tell you the build there is beautiful, I don't think you'll find a shopping experience in Second Life that even comes close.

We are really excited that we have been picked to be one of the theme design teams for the Relay for Life sims this year. Slade and I will be building one of the theme sims that the relayers will be walking through. We can't tell you our plans for the sim design yet, but I don't think you will be disappointed. This is such a great cause and everyone works together so well for a common goal of raising awareness and money to fight cancer. Cancer has affected my family significantly and I am so happy to be able to be a part of helping to raise funds as well as the good will that goes with it for all the cancer survivors and their caregivers.